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About Us

Primary Purpose

I believe everyone can thrive as a person.  I can help turn someone's Hope into their destiny.  I can help people rearrange their finances to strive to improve their chances of success.  I can be stern and compassionate at the same time.  I can walk with you, and help guide you, through a continuously changing landscape that we call our Life. 

Our Primary Purpose

One strategy doesn't fit everyone.  However, my process, doesn't change. Just like nature, I look for opportunities that are in alignment with your desire for financial growth (Where: Sunny or shady?), meaningful work (what are the desired outcomes?) and a desire to flourish (beautiful or edible). 

The picture to the right is an example of putting plants together to create something beautiful.  The second year, I had to transplant the smaller purple flowers because they had spread so much that the shooting star hydrangea was in danger of getting choked and not having room for it to flourish. Rebalancing the plants allows both to flourish, without any one plant overpowering the other.  This is similar to rebalancing a portfolio when it gets out of alignment.

Knowledge is power.

It’s also the foundation for intelligent, well-considered decisions. When you have your first job, a wedding, your first child, or retirement in sight, sound decisions are vital in helping you pursue your goals and avoid costly mistakes that can impact your future. For many, understanding every aspect of personal finance can be daunting. From investments to retirement to insurance, the decisions can be overwhelming.  That's why I continue my education.  I listen to my new clients when I ask them what they wish they would have known or done differently.  And, I listen to my existing clients to be sure I am hearing what is important to them, their family and their life. 

Knowledge is also understanding that priorities change over time.  And that's OK.  Financial plans can be adjusted, portfolios rebalanced, cash flow re-budgeted.  You have permission to see where a new path might take you. 

Client Centered

Once I understand your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals, I'll work to develop strategies to help balance investments, current and future needs, and preserving your assets and taking care of your family.  As a financial professional, I am committed to helping people just like you implement strategies for your financial priorities.

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